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  Q: Are your products all organic? Do they contain parabens?
A: The herbs in our products are organic. Not many things are 100% organic. In fact, due to the lack of preservatives, all natural products can actually be more dangerous as they spoil quicker! Our products are methylparaben and sulfate free.
  Q: Are your products gluten-free?
A: All of the Rosemary Repel products are now free of gluten, nuts, soy and dairy. However, with any allergy, we recommend doing a test patch first.
  Q: Do your products repel other insects besides lice?
A: Our products have only been tested to repel lice, however many customers do use the Rosemary Repel Leave-In Spray to repel other insects such as mosquitoes. Our Bug Bandit is an all natural, DEET free bug repellent that repels other mosquitoes, gnats, no see-ums, etc.
  Q: Can I use Rosemary Repel products on my pets?
A: Our products have not been tested on animals, however many customers do use the Rosemary Repel line on their pets to repel other insects such as fleas. We recommend doing a small test patch first.

  Q: Can your products cause an allergic reaction?
A: Please CLICK HERE to see the list of our product ingredients. If you are allergy sensitive please refer to the list and consult with your doctor before using our products.

  Q: Are your products FDA approved?
A: Fairy Tale Hair Care products do not need approval by the FDA as they contain no chemicals or pesticides.

  Q: Do you offer travel size products?
A: Yes, the Rosemary Repel Shampoo, Leave-In Conditioning Spray, Creme Conditioner, the Sleep-Tite Bed Bug Spray and Bug Bandit DEET free Spray are all currently available in travel sizes.

  Q: Does the Lice Bag repel lice?
A: The bag itself does not repel lice. It keeps your child's belongings in an impenetrable bag and away from other exposed items in a closet, on a coat hanger or in a cubby. The bag is machine washable and can be put in the dryer on a high setting. Spray with the Rosemary Repel Conditioning Spray for an extra layer of protection.

  Q: Is it safe to use your products if you are pregnant?
A: Our products are pesticide free and non-toxic, however we always recommend checking with your doctor first.

  Q: Can your products be used on infants between the ages of 6 months to a year?
A: Although our hair care products are chemical and pesticide free, we recommend consulting your doctor first. With the exception of our Tear Free Conditioning Shampoo
, our products are not tear-free. Bug Bandit should be used on children over the age of 3. The FDA has not tested lemon eucalyptus on children under the age of 3.
  Q: Do you only have products for lice or do you have hair care products for everyday use?
A: Rosemary Repel Hair Care should be part of a daily regime. Our formula’s deep clean and condition and the organic herbs are the added bonus to help prevent head lice. We also recommend our Sun & Swim line of clarifying shampoos and conditioners and our No More Knots products.

  Q: Are your products safe to use on color treated hair?
A: Yes, our products are pH balanced and safe for color treated hair. We do recommend doing a patch test first.

  Q: What are the ingredients in your products?
A: Please CLICK HERE to see the list of our product ingredients.

  Q: What is the shelf life for Fairy Tales Hair Care products?
A: All of our hair care products have a 3 year shelf life.

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